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383 Stroker Crate Engine

A lot of people have no idea what a ‘stroker’ engine or motor is. A term not usually known by the non automotive nut. Stroker motors are generally custom built crate engines with special specifications for a blueprinted rebuilt engine. The 383 cubic inch is a common sized Chevy stroker motor.

The way we increase stroke is to increase the ‘throw’ of the crankshaft rod journals. The rod journals on a crankshaft are eccentric in relation to the center-line. So, if the eccentric or the rod journal is elongated so the piston actually moves higher in the cylinder (and lower), the effective space in the cylinder is increased. This makes the engine larger in cubic inches, CC’s, or liters, whatever system you use to measure engine size with.

Long stroke engines are extremely desirable by certain segments of the auto world. The most common sector are the racers. The beauty of long stroke or ‘throw’ engines starts with the extra ‘low end’ or low revolutions per minute ‘power’ they make. You see, by increasing stroke, we increase torque, which is low end power, thus making more power through out the power band without having to install a physically heavier and larger engine.

As an added note, an engine with a large bore, or larger diameter pistons installed as a method of increasing cubic inches (as opposed to a longer stroke), generally benefits the drag racers and poeple looking to make more horsepower at higher rpms. Not as good of a choice for the street, for the most part. Although street racers love them.

I am a big time proponent of stroker engines. While all of my experience with them is on Harley Davidson motorcycles, the result is much the same. I have three Harley’s and all have stroker kits. All are street bikes and have very long strokes, combined with well mannered street components to give me the best of both worlds, extreme speed and excellent manners.

You can buy a factory stock custom stroker engine right in it’s original factory crate. That’s right, the factory produced special ‘stroker’ / ‘crate’ engines that were for racing purposes, which can be purchased by anyone who wants one. But don’t call the dealer, their prices are out of range and we have faster service based on our inventory and the fact we only sell engines.

Plenty of stroker motors are custom built to a particular specification requested by a customer. In essence, you can personally or have a professional design your stroker motor exactly for your intended purposes. For a company like us, stroker motors or engines are simply a part of our job, we sell engines, so naturally we keep in stock some common stroker motors and have the ability to build one to your specs.

Need more information on stroker motors? Call one of our representatives who specializes in this field of engine replacement. My bet would be that you end up with exactly what you need, in a rapid manner, ready to drop in and blow your mind. Call anytime for questions or more information. Thanks and Enjoy.