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Chevy Chevelle 454 Crate Engines

Chevy Chevelle 454 Crate EnginesChevy Chevelle was introduced in 1967 and quickly made Chevrolet famous. Chevy had already set the world into a frenzy with its small-block 350. It did it again with its big-block 454. Well over 400 horsepower was a definite possibility for the 454. The large V8 was a perfect fit for the massive power that the Chevelle gave off. Anyone following the history of the Chevelle knows about the legacy of the 454. You can get one of these Chevy Chevelle 454 crate engines for less from us. We discount engines in our inventory to make them easier to buy for a project car or Chevy car swap out.

The Chevelle was definitely a one of a kind automobile. To say that cars like this aren’t made anymore is an understatement. The V8 big-block from Chevy was created at a time when fuel efficiency was not the first thing that someone wanted when buying an engine. The 454 is a beast of an engine that only has power and performance on its mind. The crate engines that we carry are certified by Chevrolet. These are not reproductions that are built by some other company passed off as OEM. You will get only the real deal here. We get only one chance to impress customers. We always make it count.

Chevy Chevelle 454 Crate Engines 

When it’s full power you want, Chevy has never let any engine owner down. It’s true any engine can blow up but Chevy’s always start reliably. What you are getting with the 454 is a complete crate engine. This engine was built entirely with OEM parts and components. We are the only company that has handled the 454s in our inventory. These are not imported from someplace else. We stick to all things genuine here because your vehicle depends on it. We are one of the suppliers to a variety of companies that buy replacement engines. You don’t have to be a project car lover to put in a 454. Many people that are revamping an older car opt for the 454 to take a spin back in time.

Here’s what you won’t get with our crate engines from Chevy. You won’t get rude customer service agents. You won’t pay too much for freight. You won’t get one of those 30-day warranties. You don’t get slow shipping. We make sure all customers have the best crate engine experience they can possible have. Our team works hard each day to perfect our company. We have made glorious strides through the years and probably know the engine industry better than most dealers. Getting our 454 for less is easy. We have a simple process to get you started.

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