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Chevy Nova 350 Crate Engine

Chevy Nova 350 Crate EngineChevy Nova gave power to car lovers worldwide. Those that wanted a Camaro but loved the look and power of the 350 engine bought a Nova or a Nova II. The awesome 295 horsepower came standard with this 5.7L V8 engine. GM went on to use it in many additional car models but the Nova is infamous for it. This small-block design is based on the Corvette engines. It has been sought after by collectors and engine enthusiasts since the late 1960s. We can get you a Chevy Nova 350 crate engine built to GMs specs for less money that you can imagine. You’ve likely see all of the other engine builders online selling at full retail. We don’t do that to you here.

The 350 lived its glory years during the 1967 to 1980 time period. This was when fuel economy didn’t matter but performance did. Most of the muscle cars from this generation were put up against the 350. Most of them failed and few could hang with the 5.7L V8. When we build engines for customers, we put everything we have into the process. There are no second chances to wow a customer. We always remember that. We get our tools, testing equipment and take charge when custom building crate engines. We do it right or we refuse to do it at all.

Chevy Nova 350 Crate Engine

The Nova means business. The 350 means business. We too mean serious business. It’s not everyday that you get a committed team of professionals that work with you. We are not driven by profits. We too are engine lovers. We too appreciate the massive horsepower in the 350. That’s one reason why we choose to build it. If you’ve never purchased a GM crate engine online before, you could be confused about what you really get for your time and money. We can tell you that what you get is a new engine. It is wrapped and crated in a real wooden crate. It is shipped by our own internal team of experts right to your door.

What about warranty coverage? That is normal to ask that. Our Nova crate engines always come with a guarantee of our labor. The OEM components we put onto the 5.7L during the build are also covered. These are what could go wrong if there is some type of defect from the manufacturing process. Some companies warranty OEM parts and others do not. We work strictly with suppliers that warranty the OEM components we use for customer engines. This means that if anything should happen you won’t have to worry about being stranded with no help. The problem gets fixed and it gets fixed fast.

Chevy Nova 350 Crate Engine Price Quote

We use an awesome quote form here that will tell you our 350 crate engine price. It could not get much easier to get a GM engine quote online. Use this form right now. We also inform you about any costs for shipping and how fast your engine will arrive. We do a lot for Nova 350 crate engine customers here. You can even call us at (336) 355-5679. Ask us anything.