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Chrysler 3.7L EKG Crate Engines

Chrysler 3.7L EKG Crate EnginesChrysler 3.7L EKG engine is a single overhead cam engine that was built in the USA. This engine has much of the Jeep technology that was used in the early 1990s. Chrysler constructed the EKG engine in 2002 and put it inside of some of its flagship vehicles. The 3.7L PowerTech engine as it is called still remains popular. It is equally popular on the crate engines market. We’re one of few sources right on the Internet where you can find Chrysler 3.7L EKG crate engines for cheap prices. Power up your Chrysler or project vehicle with one of these in stock engines.

Many people might be shocked to learn that the 3.7L was first tested in the Jeep Liberty. Such a new vehicle would not normally be the testing ground for a powerful engine. Since this V6 engine was based on Jeep technology, Chrysler knew that it was the right vehicle to use. The PowerTech engine series was later used in the Dodge Ram and a high output (HO) version was made as well. You came here for a cheap price and we certainly give it to you. Our Chrysler engines for sale are ready for shipment always to anywhere in the world.

Chrysler 3.7L EKG Crate Engines in Stock

We’re known online as one of the largest suppliers of crate engines. This is one reason that we have so many types of engines in stock. Our team knows just what to purchase. We have direct and open lines of communication with our customers. We know what is expected and this is what we deliver. We trust the Chrysler technology. You’ll find that we have many different classic and late model Chrysler engines in stock. The 3.7L is the base engine and is one of the best selling Jeep Commander engines. The good thing about the EKG series is that it can be installed without a lot of work.

We have simple to understand prices always. We never complicate the process of ordering. We hate it when we order something that is listed as in stock and it is really not. We vowed from the beginning never to do that to customers. Our system of quotes is what generates instant pricing from our company. What comes with each crate engine is a warranty and fast shipping. Customer orders that are placed online or by phone get priority shipping. We have the ability to send engines out on the same day that orders come through. This is just one example of how we cut out the usual delays involved with shipping motors around the world.

Chrysler 3.7L EKG Crate Engines Quotes

A quote is easy to get and always accurate from our company. You won’t spend any of your time trying to decipher how our pricing is set up. We use one low price tag and that’s it. Call our team now and speak with an expert. We’re able to give you further information about our Chrysler crate engine specs. Let us match you with the right Chrysler engine for your needs right now.



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