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Chrysler Mopar Crate Engines Deliver

Mopar or better known as Chrysler Corporation has always stayed in the running for some of the most powerful and fastest engines ever. Their legendary Hemi engine design #2 of the ’60’s was invented in 1964, and then reinvented in 2003 as a modern high tech engine using full computerization along with pure fuel injection. Now we have then available in the configuration we call  crate engines for sale.

The early Hemi head engines used big old four barrel carburetors and nothing more than a high performance ignition system was available, let alone computerized fuel injection. So lets talk about some of of the different Chrysler crate engines or Mopar crate engines available right away.

1. 540 Cubic inches.

2. 528 Cubic inches.

3. 472 Cubic inches.

4. 426 Cubic inches.

5. 345 Cubic inches.

6. 370 Cubic inches.

7. 392 Cubic inches.

Each of the above numbers represents a cubic inch dimension of the motor. Metric conversions describing the size were not even a consideration that long ago. Certainly it would be difficult to buy a brand new ”crate” engine made by Chrysler corporation in the 60′ and 70’s, so in essence the crate motors offered by our facility are custom remanufactured original engines.

Literally, we have locations researching where as many used Mopar Hemi engines are at all over the country, old and newer versions. Specifically we want complete engines that can be custom rebuild back to the exact factory specifications of said vehicle, which in this discussion is a Chrysler product. Although crate engines are not limited to Chrysler Corp.

Most of these engines were high performance engines built during the glory days of muscle cars and organized factory racing programs. Not always available for installation when you ordered the car, but available over the counter in the parts department.

Some of our customers actually order custom sized crate engines or place orders for ones that need to be rebuilt and prepared with very specific guidelines for a particular application, including drag racing, from monster trucks and house boats to racing boats. These engines are very popular with the marine crowd for their boats. I can’t imagine a bigger problem than a blown engine on a luxury boat at sea.

When the chips are on the table and it has to count, a crate engine for sale may be the best avenue. Some of the other types of crate engines we sell,  like diesel crate motors are installed in remote applications where replacing a large object such as an engine is more costly and more work to get the engine to the place of service than the engine itself.

Ultimate reliability is what you buy in a crate engine. It’s the most dependable and long lasting way to replace an engine. An option worth weighing out if your budget is up for it and you have a specific need where a crate engine for sale is the only choice. Discuss your needs with one of our trained and experienced representatives. We have an engine for you in a crate, ready to ship ASAP. Call and order now.