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Chrysler PT Cruiser Crate Engine

Chrysler PT Cruiser Crate EngineChrysler PT Cruiser was one of the most successful concept cars built in the last decade. The public demand for the PT Cruiser was overwhelming and many dealerships sold out of vehicles fast. One of the strengths of this vehicle was its tested 2.4L engine. This was the same motor that was used in the Stratus, Breeze and later Jeep Liberty. Chrysler put a lot of time and money into making the PT Cruiser great. A 10-year production run of the Cruiser helped extend the Chrysler name worldwide. You can buy a Chrysler PT Cruiser crate engine right from this website for less.

You surely don’t have to own this vehicle to appreciate the engine. One of the things that our customers do is they buy on behalf of someone else. We sell to dealerships, salvage companies and mechanics that install 2.4L engine for customers. We’re OK with that. We stand behind what we sell and know that our engines are going to the right places. Our shipping staff works hard to send out engines daily and avoids the most common mistakes made by crate engine sellers online. Buying here is one of the best kept engine secrets.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Crate Engine 

Genuine Chrysler parts are the only components used in engine creation here. We secured the very best relationships with wholesalers around the country. It is from these expert partnerships that we get access to great crate engines. On any given day, we have hundreds of engines going in and out of our company. It is quite a chore to keep track of this activity. We hired the best staff that knows how to handle any scenario or problem they encounter. Selling engines is our business and what we do well. The crate engines we provide are all new engines. Nothing that you will find is a cheap aftermarket part or one that is applied to save money. Customers pay us for OEM.

There are few things better than the price tags we put on 2.4L engines here. One of the equally great things is our warranty. Some crate engine companies give a measly 30-day warranty. This is not enough time to cover any damage. Since we’re dealing with new engines here, our warranty is extended for a much longer time period. You never worry after installation if an engine will stop running. Engine failures can and do happen. Our ratio of failure is almost nonexistent. We can’t control the lifespan of an OEM part although we gladly warranty it. We’re the choice of thousands of customers annually for crate engines for sale online.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Crate Engine Quotes

We’re not here to give you a history lesson on the PT Cruiser. However you use the engine is up to you. The only thing we want from you is to prove how low our prices for crate engines are online. You can verify this fact by using the quote system here on this site. It’s fast and gets you want you want. You can also call (336) 355-5679. We’ll match you with a 2.4L engine and we’ll send it out super fast to meet any deadline.