High Quality Crate Engines For Sale

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Why a Crate Engine For Sale?

Now it’s coming back to haunt you. The overheating episode that happened last summer when the engine practically melted down. Now decisions have to be made. You own a classic Mustang [or any car] and any old replacement engine won’t work. It has to be a special replacement motor. Something you may have heard about are crate engines for sale. Possibly that will fit the bill.

It’s not the cheapest way to go, but you are not looking for cheap, you want the best, and perhaps a few updates to spice the old horse up.

Here is something to think about, what about unleaded fuel? It had lead in it when this engine was made. Should I go with hardened, self lubricating stellite valve seats? Another thought, do you really want to keep the old heads set up for the power robbing air injection smog fittings? The list goes on and on.

There is another route available. Crate engines are great alternatives because all of the worry and hassle are handled for you before you ever see the motor. Specially trained engine rebuilders do it for you, and the engine comes to you assembled, ready to install and turn the key, hence ”turn key” engines.

All of the components are brand new or remanufactured to the proper specs, which meet or beat original factory specifications. From the crankshaft kit, camshaft, oil pump to the valve covers, like new engine. Now this is what your car deserves.

Sounds expensive? Well, crate engines are not scrap-yard dirt cheap, but that’s like comparing apples and oranges, used junkyard to re-manned crate is not a fair evaluation. Compared to the cost of a fully remanufactured motor, they are very competitive.

With a crate motor, you get new, world class replacement parts instead of dated or substandard components. In several areas like cylinder head design and piston design, this is very significant to emissions and operation due to changes in gasoline for the most part.

It’s a suggestion. If you love your old beauty, considering a crate engine is the obvious choice for discerning auto owners who want the best replacement engine with a few modern updates included. Call us now and find out more about how a crate engine can put you back in the drivers seat the way you always wanted it.