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Performance Crate Engines For Sale

We seem to be receiving a lot of calls lately for crate engines. Especially for  American muscle cars. We get a lot of calls for non American crate engines as well. The bottom line is many cars are becoming the recipient of crate engines  as replacement engines in all makes and models of cars.

If you came across this website on purpose, you probably know what a crate engine is, however if you are here because you did a Google search, here is a good idea of what a crate engine is.

Most of the calls for crate engines have always been for older vintage muscle cars. I’m speaking about the cars of the mid ’60’s and early to mid ’70’s. Chevy Big Block engines, Mopar or Chrysler engines, Ford Big Block engines and all sorts of custom configurations.

On the rise though are people who want crate engines for everyday usage. Crate engines are generally the easiest and fastest way to get back on the road. This is because we term crate engines as ”turnkey engines”. What this means is that the engine can be installed and filled with oil, then you turn the key and start it and drive away.

That means a crate engine is already tuned up and ready to go, no messing around. Another positive aspect is that this is the most thoroughly reconditioned or new engine available. It is a great choice for the uncompromising individual who wants the absolute best in replacement engines.

For very little more change ($$) you can buy a mail order crate engine for your high performance American muscle car, or for any application fast and easily. Our system is set up for fast service. We try to ship ASAP upon completion of the order.

Our main goal is to sell you a crate engine and customer experience that exceeds your expectations. Take a minute of time and speak with a trained engine specialist. I promise it will not be wasted. Call Now, and allow us to outfit you with a top line crate engine for your American car. CrateEnginesForSale.com