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Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Engine for Sale

It’s probably not big news anymore, but Cummins Inc., a large truck engine manufacturing company was contracted to make the diesel engines for Chrysler and Dodge Corporation. Called the B-Series engine it is a 6 cylinder inline diesel engine, built like a real truck engine. Most Dodge Ram pickup truck owners feel so strongly about their trucks, the most popular Dodge 5.9L Cummins diesel engines for sale are called crate engines.

What is a crate engine? It is a new/remanufactured engine. We call them ”turnkey engines”, because once a professional properly installs the new crate engine, just turn the key and start it. That’s the basic idea.

Crate engines are popular with Ram truck owners because the truck was bought specifically with one purpose in mind. Hard work. I live in Florida and we have all types of agriculture industry here. A few years after Dodge introduced the 5.7 diesel engine in 1989, all of a sudden Ford and Chevy realized they needed to up their anti.

Anyway, the people I came in contact with at my repair shop during the years I owned it, from 1981 to 2006 [when it was purchased from me], only wanted the best repairs and replacement parts. The trucks were bought for work purposes and the owners do not want to compromise the trucks reliability and lifespan, therefore most owners want new original parts or better for said vehicles.

Understanding that in a work situation getting the job done on time is priority. Nobody wants to hear that the guy who is repairing the roof on your house can’t make it because his truck is broken down. That is one reason we outperform so many other companies. We understand the thinking pattern of commercial truck owners, we know that they rely on us to provide affordable trouble tree crate engines fast.

We also know that if you simply use your diesel powered Dodge truck for everyday use, it’s no less important to you to get your errands and routine chores taken care of too. For a full lowdown on crate engines for sale and the warranties provided please call us. Call Crateenginesforsale.com now.