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Dodge Magnum 5.2 Crate Engines

Dodge Magnum 5.2 Crate EnginesDodge Magnum 5.2 is an engine that was created by Dodge in 1992. This engine has its roots back in the 1960s during the muscle car era. It is based on the LA variant of Dodge engines. This modified engine is not interchangeable with the older engines but that’s a good thing. The 300 horsepower at minimum gives every owner what they want and that’s plenty of power. You can get these Dodge Magnum 5.2 crate engines on sale here every day of the year. We get you the performance and power you want without the high retail cost. We know you’ll thank us later.

The great thing about a Dodge is that you know what you are getting. Some of the most famous performance cars in history are produced by Chrysler. You can have Ford and Chevy arguments until the end of time, but Dodge has always been a competitor and will continue to be one. Our crate engines for sale are sold worldwide. We put our name on excellence and do not settle for cheap reproductions. We strike deals with the best distributors around that supply our warehouse full of Dodge engines. We are not partial to selling Dodge but it’s hard not to be.

Dodge Magnum 5.2 Crate Engines 

What do you get for your money? We give you plenty. The first thing that you know you are getting is a lot of horsepower. We dyno test everything that arrives here. We use this testing to confirm what our distributors tell us. These tests are crucial to our customers getting the best. The next thing that you get is a great crate engine warranty. These warranties are useful even if you never actually have to use it. Just knowing that you are offered full protection can help you sleep better at night. The Dodge engines for sale that we have never leave our sight without a warranty attached. This is just one of the assurances that we give to our business and car owner customers.

The next part comes our shipping terms. There are select times when we are able to ship absolutely for free. Your shipping cost or lack thereof will be explained in every quote that you get. Regardless of who pays what for shipping, we use only a special team of employees to handle our shipments. These experts know how to move Dodge engines into and out of our warehouse each day. Problems can easily happen during transit and we eliminate them. Our crate engines are only shipped by respected freight companies. Nothing will arrive at your doorstep in bad shape. If it does we’ll fix it.

Dodge Magnum 5.2 Crate Engines Pricing 

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