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Dodge Neon Crate Engine

Dodge Neon Crate EngineDodge Neon is one of the most sought after Chrysler vehicles that have been produced in the last 20 years. The value with the Neon is one thing and the basic 132 horsepower of the engine is another. Since millions of the Neon were sold, this means that the engines are in high demand. Although many people want these engines, getting them for a price that is affordable can be tough. We can sell you a Dodge Neon crate engine and make up for all of the high prices that you have already found online. Engines out of our warehouse are never sold for MSRP. We know what the word discount means and we offer it daily.

The Neon is a 4-cylinder engine with a 2.0L displacement. There were two different basic engines from 1995 to 2005 that Chrysler produced. The first was a 2.0 in a standard version. This was a SOHC engine that achieved about 132 horsepower. The other engine was also a 2.0 but it achieved much higher horsepower. This DOHC provided the additional power that a driver needed above the average 2.0 engine. A 2.4 was produced as a supercharged version although it was not stock for the Neon. This was put into other Dodge cars although drivers have been swapping them out for many years. We sell all versions to customers.

Dodge Neon Crate Engine

What crate engines mean to us are custom built engines that are perfectly tested. There are some crate engine companies that either resell someone’s build or they do not test the motors. This is as close to career suicide that you can get in the engine world. Every Chrysler motor that we build is unique but the same. All parts are standard Mopar and nothing else. We could use Japanese parts but we don’t. The standard configuration for the 2.0 is the basic engine we offer. You have the choice to upgrade it from there if you choose. We are willing to work closely with every one of our customers. We make 100 percent certain that satisfaction is earned and is guaranteed here.

The Dodge engine mechanics that are in charge of our engine shop are completely professional. The use of high technology tools and instruments is how we are able to do such great work. These tools are in combination with the experience level of our mechanics. These professionals stop at nothing to make certain that all of our Neon engines for sale are OEM perfection. When engines are finished, each one is moved by mechanical lift equipment and stored in our warehouse. The inventory is updated and we start sending out customized quotes to each customer. We continue this cycle each day.

Dodge Neon Crate Engine Price Quotes 

A quote is a powerful thing. It is unlike a lonely price tag that either offends you or makes you happy. A personalized quote for our crate engines is something more. The quote form you can find on this page gives our pricing automatically. Our staff is notified of the generated quote and this is how we help you if you call us. Get your quote online or by calling (336) 355-5679. We’re super fast and very friendly. Don’t miss out on a 2.0 Neon crate engine.