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Ford 400 Crate Engines for Sale

ford 400 crate engines for saleFord 400 is one mean engine. It’s one of the last huge V8 engines to be made with the older technology. The larger than life 6.6L displacement meant business. This engine has been a tried and true favorite of project car builders for decades. The good thing about the Ford 400 is that it can be used in no less than 30 different vehicles and probably more. We have Ford 400 crate engines for sale at the prices you want. No more buying on auction websites and getting out bid. No more buying at a low starting price and ending up higher than retail.

The early 400 engines were still used with regular gasoline. It was not until the mid 1970s that they were modified to use the new standard unleaded gas. One thing that never changed with this engine series was the power. With the 6.6L displacement and 1970s technology, 250 horsepower is possible with the 400. It is slightly less than what modern engines like the Triton are able to deliver though. The size of this engine does not takeaway from any part of its functionality. You can build a project car, replace your Torino engine or put one of these in your truck. You’ll still get the same power you expect.

Ford 400 Crate Engines for Sale

You can take one of these engines with you today for a price that’s unbelievable. We have a good percentage of customers that buy straight from our website. They do this we’ve found for many reasons. One of the first is because we’re honest people. We have a real company. We have a real toll free number. We’re real engine lovers. Calling us and chatting about engines is different here. You don’t speak with a call center or a secretary. We understand engines and know what buyers demand. We sell to drivers. We also sell to mechanics. We sell to a lot of different people.

One thing that remains the same is everyone wants a low price. The crate engines we sell are sold low for this reason. We’re able to put price tags we can be comfortable with on the engines. We don’t know how some crate engine dealers can sleep at night putting sky high pricing on an engine. We know what we pay for engines. We know what we pay for shipping. We calculate these together and make a small profit selling to customers. It’s not rocket science or difficult to understand. Our customers have needs just like we do. We try to reduce our pricing as low as we can and still remain one of the top Internet crate engine dealers.

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Get quotes here by calling (336) 355-5679. Let our engine experts assist you with your 400 engine. We’re not out to rush you off the phone. We enjoy speaking with fellow engine lovers. We even designed our website to let people get quotes entirely online. We work hard to innovate our crate engines company. You can easily get the same information you get when calling from our quote system online. Try either one today. Prices here are very surprising.