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Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale

Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale | Crate Engines for Sale FordThe 4.6L engine is one of Ford’s greatest creations. From the start of the 1990s until the present day, this engine has put its mark on much of the Ford inventory. The Mustang, Crown Victoria, Explorer and Thunderbird are just a few of the models that this engine has made famous. It is for this reason that we have Ford 4.6L crate engines for sale. Our inventory includes these custom built engines that are offered in SOHC, DOHC and separate valve configurations. You came here to this website to save money on a 4.6 engine and you will.

Between 225  hp and 300+ hp is what you get with our expertly built crate engines. These V6 modular powerhouses are ready for what you want to throw at them. These brand new engines can withstand a high red line limit and do not blow out with normal use. The quality of the build is essential to how each engine will perform. Since we are in complete control over every rebuild, we can put our experienced touch into each engine and know it will come out on top. Our customers have no complaints about our V6 engines and this should give you an idea of what you are about to get into.

OEM Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale

We follow the rules. It’s plain and simple to understand. We love hot rods and know they have a time and place for what they can do. We don’t experiment with our engines and try to trick them out and make them into something they are not. Each of our Ford crate engines are built right to OEM specs that are required for all Ford modular rebuilds. Our mechanics do a perfect job building these engines and keeping the original integrity in tact. If you are using these engines for a project car, you can always install the performance parts that you need on them to get the power that you want. Each of our stock crate engines are built with OEM parts before they are shipped out.

We idle test our crate engines. We know that might seem abnormal but consider this concept. We sell a new engine. It arrives to our customers. How do they  know it will work perfectly? That’s right. They don’t know. We don’t know. We can guess but that’s all. We don’t put customers through that embarrassing scenario. What we do is use our dyno testing facility to test our V6 engines at both high and low idle. This is the only way to know if everything we have done during the rebuild is accurate. A crate engine can fool you. They look great, but if not tested they could run terribly.

Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale Pricing

We have a pretty good idea why you’re visiting www.crateenginesforsale.com. You like to save money just like we do. It is our goal to save you and us money and that’s what we are known for in the business besides our quality engines. Use the quote form on this page and your price is instantly generated. You can get the same price on the phone at (336) 355-5679. You asked for a low price and that’s what we give you for a Ford 4.6L crate engine.


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