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Ford Crate Engines for Sale

We get a surprising amount of calls for Ford Crate engines for Sale. I never would have imagined so many folks would be interested in the best and most affordable solution for engine replacement. After boning up a bit, I see exactly why. So here is a bit of info on the different Ford Crate engines available and their specs.

First off lets mention Ford Modular engines. 5 Ford modular engines are available in crate form. These engines come in ‘dressed’ versions, meaning they have everything on them but an alternator and a radiator. Just bolt it in and turn the key. It’s almost that easy.
1. M-6007-M50B, a 5.0 L or 302 cubic inch engine with 11.0 to 1 compression and 444 horsepower.
2. M-6007-A46SC, a 4.6 L long block capable of up to 700 horsepower.
3. M-6007-A4NA, a 4.6 L Long block with more reasonable power ratings of 320 horsepower.
4. M-6007-M54, a 5.4 L aluminum block V8 engine with 550 HP and comes dressed, minus A/C compressor and Power steering.
5. M6007-M50, A 5.0 L V8 capable of 412 HP.

I could continue on and on. Ford engines come in a variety of models and types, such as the racing 302 Small Block Ford motor, all 351 cubic inch based engines, fully prepared custom race engines and the famous line of big block engines. Not to mention all of the newest engine designs.

What is so good about a crate engine? Crate engines are usually brand new engines just like the engine that came in your car. They are packaged in a crate, hence crate engines. Other forms of crate engines are scrupulously remanufactured engines, custom prepared to specific specifications, specs that are more difficult to achieve, yet allow a longer life span than an ordinary engine.

Custom engines can be used in anything from marine applications to all sorts of competitive applications, including monster trucks, drag racing, and off road purposes.

One of the most popular reasons for buying a crate engine is because you are restoring a vintage car and want an exact match engine to fit. Auto restorers are very sensitive to using factory original equipment.

Other uses vary. Many commercial vehicle owners insist on crate engines because they take more abuse from multiple-drivers and outlast every other form of engine. Obviously, the crate engine is very cost effective in the long run in most situations.

Some of our customers simply like their cars and have no intention of replacing it, wanting an equal to or better engine for their car.

My advise for those who want the absolute best replacement engine is to call the experts at CrateEnginesForSale.com and discuss your personal needs with someone who will listen and suggest the best possible solution. Call right now and talk to a living human being.