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Ford Focus 2.0L Crate Engines

ford-focus-20l-crate-enginesFord Focus used the 2.0L split port induction engine for four years. This higher horsepower engine was based on the CVH engine that was used in the Escort. Ford put a lot of time and development money into making the Focus great. Sales in Europe and consumer feedback helped Ford develop its SPI engine technology. The small engine base and higher than average fuel mileage are just two things people love about the Focus engines. We sell these Ford Focus 2.0L crate engines for sale prices everyday. You don’t have to take chances on our crate engines for sale.

Some Ford engine lovers might think the small 115 horsepower of the 2.0L SPI engine is too small. When compared with a V8 Triton it is small. Some people have to be reminded that Ford is a huge engine company. Not every vehicle is meant to go 175 miles per hour. Ford sells just as many engines that are no larger than 2.0L as they do V6 and V8. We offer this 4-cylinder crate engine because it makes a great swap. It’s cheaper usually than a Neon engine and is more reliable than some engines that we have found.

Ford Focus 2.0L Crate Engines 

What you get with a Ford engine from our company is class. You get the design of Ford backed by the trusted skills of our mechanics. Engines that are built and sold through our company are pretty much amazing. There is no other company you can find online that is wiling to price match with us. We sell less than dealerships and less than so-called sale websites. We do all of this and still provide an expert support staff. We use a real toll free number. We have a huge warehouse that we own. We employ a dedicated shipping staff. We do a lot of great things and more importantly we do these things right.

The Focus engines that we send out end up in a variety of places. Everyone from regular drivers to body shops to junkyards takes part in buying engines from our company. The good thing about this variety is that all customers get the same low 4-cylinder engine pricing. Nothing is sold to one dealer at a low price and then to another at a lower price. Our structured price is offered to all customers. Because we’re constantly rotating and updating our inventory, we don’t have to keep engines in stock too long. Our crate engines for sale are shipped all across North America and Canada and always arrive safely and on time.

Ford Focus 2.0L Crate Engines Price Quotes 

We use our toll free number to attract average drivers and businesses to get quotes here during business hours. Our number is (336) 355-5679. We also use our online quote form to attract the same customers after our company closes for the day. We give these two options to everyone to enjoy. Our prices are always low and highly accurate. Choose the method of price discovery that fits your needs. You can then leave the rest of the work up to www.crateenginesforsale.com.