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Ford Truck Crate Engines for Sale

One of the engine replacement options which [I think] needs a bit more ‘horn blowing” is called a ”crate engine”. A crate engine is simply put, the best engine available for an engine replacement. It seems that remanufactured Ford truck crate engines for sale are very popular now.

A crate engine is the best and fastest ways to get old reliable back on the road. First off a crate engine is complete and ready to drop in and go. No excessive components need to switched from the old engine. A crate engine is also a new remanufactured engine, which is fully tested, adjusted to specs and packed in a crate, ready for shipment.

Why do people like crate engines so much. Several theories apply. The first one is that Ford truck owners like their vehicles, therefore anything less than at least original equipment is a compromise to them. They understand that buying the best saves money in the long run.

Another theory is that since you can purchase crate motors in other forms than pure stock. Some people like to add a few more horsepower, add something custom or exact more fuel mileage out of their truck, and a crate engine is exactly how to achieve it.

After comparing costs of other engine replacement options, most people find out the difference in price is not so great, and that is another reason a crate engine is pure value. Essentially we are building peace of mind into every crate engine sold. Pure value is part of the job.

What I have come to notice is Ford truck owners are a loyal bunch, they love their trucks. I don’t know why, but I respect them, I’m a GMC person! Seriously, commercially used Ford trucks work hard and it is inevitable in a ‘work hard all day situation’ that failures will occur. Our customers are smart people and totally understand that buying the best, saves a bunch of money in the long-run, especially in down time situations concerning warranty issues.

For few more bucks, you may decide the cost difference is minimal and the upside is maximal. That is the feedback I receive from our customers. Even though I don’t drive ford products, you can take my word for it, crate engines are way to to go. If you don’t believe me, read some testimonials from Ford owners who bought crate engines at Crateenginesforsale.com. Call now.