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Freightliner FLC120 Conventional engine for sale

Typing in a search for a Freightliner FLC120 Conventional engine for sale leaves a lot of room in engine choices. We do know that a person who types in this type of search has a good idea of what they need. They definitely want to buy a crate diesel engine or motor though.

You see the Company Freightliner does not make their own diesel engines, they buy engines from other major diesel engine manufacturers to suit a particular application or a request from a customer. A maker of heavy duty trucks, chassis and semi-trailer trucks in the United States. The company was founded as Freightliner Inc in 1942 and is now a division of Daimler Trucks North America.

The company is known mainly for the heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks that it produces, as well as class 5-7 trucks. The Class 8 truck gross vehicle weight rating [GVWR] is anything above 33,000¬†pounds . These include all tractor trailer trucks. Tractor trailers are the huge trucks on the road pulling 53′ long trailers. [53′ is the legal maximum length of a trailer].

Freightliner Conventional series cab over chassis trucks are powered by several diesel engine manufacturers, all well known names to us. I have done the research, and each of the engines listed below was an option in the FLC 120 Conventional Cab.

1. Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engines
2. 3406E Caterpillar Engines with 435 hp.
3. C-13 Caterpillar engines
4. 14L Detroit Diesel Engine

I’m not going to pretend to know more than I do about all of the engines offered, and the details presented by Freightliner. As of 2005 Freightliner was the largest manufacturer of heavy duty trucks in North America, with over 22,000 employees [including Detroit Diesel]. Because Freightliner LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of Daimler.

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