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GMC 1500 Crate Engines for Sale

GMC 1500 Crate Engines for SaleGMC Sierra is a light duty pickup truck that accepts the 1500 crate engine. The Vortec 4300 configuration is widely popular as a crate engine. The V6 is small enough to where it can be fitted inside of any project hotrod or just used as a strict pickup truck replacement. The 4.3L displacement ensures that you receive 200 or more horsepower as a base engine. You are free to modify it how you want after your purchase. Our stock GMC 1500 crate engines for sale come completely ready to install out of the crate. Get the power you want in a GMC engine without a crazy high price.

The Sierra engine is also made in larger displacements. The 4.8L, 5.3L and larger engines can really put out the power. These V8 engines are a must have if you are going for that huge GM power surge. There is nothing wrong with sticking with the Vortec 4300 though. You get a lot more than you get with some engine manufacturers. Keeping your block and heads OEM will ensure that all that tuned power and performance will be there when you need it. There are some crate engine sellers and builders that want to make unnecessary modifications. We never do that.

GMC 1500 Crate Engines for Sale

A true General Motors build is what comes standard with the performance engines. These engines also get the regular GM warranty coverage for free. What is not covered is the standard stuff like blowing engines on purpose and other irregular maintenance issues. For the most part, we can offer longer extensions on the warranty of the 4.3L. What this does is provide additional assurance that nothing will fail you. A crate engine that is installed properly has a very minute chance of having something wrong with it. We know this to be true because all crate engines for sale here are tested before the sale takes place. Our assurance and your assurance that you have a quality motor is equal.

A Vortec engine is truly a powerful thing. We save a lot of junkyards and mechanics from going to dealerships to buy a crate engine. Everyone knows that dealerships have the highest prices on the planet. The discounts that we offer give substantial reasons for customers to browse our GM inventory of performance crate engines. We’re more than a regular engine seller on the Internet. We provide the service level that customers expect when dealing with professional crate engines companies. The way that a crate engine arrives has a lot to do with how it eventually performs. We have a no mistakes no errors warranty with every 1500 GMC crate engine.

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Check out the quote form that we use right on our website here at www.crateenginesforsale.com. This is how you’ll obtain your online-only quote. It’s way faster this way compared with calling although you can do that if you want too. Any quote can be presented to you in real time 365 days a year. Give it a try. You can call toll free at (336) 355-5679. Our crate engine experts are standing by right now to help you fast.