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Jeep Crate Engines for Sale

Jeep Crate Engines for SaleJeep engines are built for on road and off road applications. If you own a Jeep and are reading this, you can probably skip right to calling our toll free number to order. If you don’t yet own a Jeep engine, be prepared to find out just how great these engines are in any type of vehicle. The takeover from AMC by Chrysler in the 1980s changed Jeep as the world knew it forever. No more were these vehicles just thought of as ex-military rejects. Jeep is powerful and gives awesome performance. We have Jeep crate engines for sale for any vehicle application you need.

Jeep builds a lot of great motors under the development program at Chrysler. The 3.7L PowerTech is one great example. The 4.0L engine rose to fame in the Jeep Cherokee and made best selling engine lists multiple times. New engines like the 4.7L are equally great. The horsepower, torque and excellent fuel economy make all of these Jeep engines for sale in our inventory a great buy. The crate engines that we purchase and sell are built only by experts. These are not something that meets one or two Jeep specs. Our engines are the real deal.

Jeep Crate Engines for Sale

It doesn’t take as much money as you might believe to buy engines here. We know that prices vary online. We constantly monitor what we do and are not glued to watching other websites. We know we have to sell motors to break even and maybe even make a little money to continue our expert services. We do a lot so that our customers get a lot with their purchase. A crate engine from our company is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Every customer leaves here happy or we’re not happy about it. We do all that we can to make buying simple and stress-free here. Don’t be afraid to call and get a quote here at anytime.

The Jeep engines are unique because they pack so much power into their V6 and V8 blocks. Most people think of Ford and Chevrolet making great engines for replacements or swaps. You will find that a growing number of people are also putting stock in replacement Jeep engines too. The power of Chrysler and the design and development that goes on in engine plants is priceless. These professionals work constantly to make the product better. We couldn’t be happier selling crate engines with the Jeep nameplate. We know they make our customers happy to own them.

Jeep Crate Engines for Sale Pricing 

Our toll free number to get a phone quote is (336) 355-5679. Use this number to review our pricing or to ask us a Jeep crate engine question. Since we’re one of the easiest to deal with sellers, you won’t feel obligated to buy anything when you call. Our quote line is just for quotes here. Make your decision after we show you our lowest Jeep engine pricing. The crate engine quote form on this website can also be used to generate a fast price quote for you.