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Mazda Tribute Engines for Sale

The Mazda Tribute is a CUV. CUV is an acronym for Crossover Utility Vehicle. A CUV is more of a passenger vehicle [on road] than an SUV. In reality the Tribute and Escape are a joint effort of Mazda and Ford, both debuted in 2001 in America. Basically both vehicles are identical except for nameplates and the Tribute has a sportier suspension. All Mazda Tribute engines for sale are the same as the engines used in the Ford counterpart.

Lots of people ask me why would you go with a new crate engine? I believe that a crate engine is the best way to replace your engine. There is no more reliable way to re-new the power-plant in your car. I say this with authority, mainly because the price of a crate engine is not as much as you think.

A crate engine is a brand new engine. Crate engines are available in custom remanufactured variations as a well. But for a Tribute lets stick with a stock application. Repair shops all over the country are using our crate engines for replacement purposes for more reasons than pure cost. Our crate engines make them look good. Plain and simple.

The Tribute as you may know is a front wheel drive vehicle, with all wheel drive available. Do you have any idea how much work it is to install a new engine in a Tribute? We hope you never have to find out. It is a job for professional with the correct tools and safety precautions.

In the course of operating a repair shop, one of the best ways to make money is to use the best parts on the market, for any repair. However when you get involved with engine transplants in front wheel drive cars, it is a total time and money waste if the engine you installed does not function properly and has to be removed.

What happens is that the engine job that was going to be delivered [to your customer] has to have the engine removed again and wait for another engine to arrive and reinstall it and pray. That means that instead of getting to the next job, the job you just worked on has to be redone for free. Waisted time and money.

The big picture is not the inconvenience to the shop because all sorts of obstacles can be put in the way of a successful engine transplant. The problem is your customer. The person waiting for the vehicle you promised in good faith today, will now have to wait a few more days. Angry customers are not good for business.

Having said the above, if you need an engine transplant, request CrateEnginesForSale.com to your mechanic if they are not already buying a replacement crate engine from us. Our rebuilt crate engines are unchallenged in reliability, performance and pure value. One call is all you need to make to get the details on a Mazda Tribute crate engine. We sell peace of mind with every engine. Call now.