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Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L Crate Engine

Ford Grand Marquis 4.6L Crate EngineMercury Grand Marquis was a sister vehicle to the Lincoln Town Car and the Crown Victoria. All of these cars had many things in common. They were built by Ford and all shared the 4.6L Modular V8 engine. The creation of this engine in the early 1990s helped Ford get some much needed attention. The base version is well over 200 horsepower and can be modified to send serious power to your vehicle. You can buy a low cost Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L crate engine right from this website. You don’t have to own a Mercury to buy from www.crateenginesforsale.com. If you are building a project car or hot rod, the 4.6L won’t give you any trouble during installation.

There are not many things greater than true V8 power. Ford knows how to make powerful engines. To their credit, Chevrolet and Dodge do too but Ford has always been different. The engineering that goes on in Ford manufacturing plants is something magical. Ford has constantly improved its image as well its engines. Few automakers can take the ups and downs of the automobile industry. Placing the 4.6L V8 into your vehicle or reselling it for a customer build will make you happy. Our prices are low enough that you will definitely be back when you need another one.

Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L Crate Engine

True Ford engine lovers already know one of the secrets of the 4.6L. For those that do not, the Mustang makes a perfect partner to this V8 engine. Ford used it in the Mach 1 reissues that were put out in the early 2000s. Since this engine can really do great things, many project builders have requested this engine since it came out. 20 years of excellence with the 4.6L is one testament that Ford engines are of a higher caliber. We do a great job getting these engines to each customer. Our professional shipping department is the go between that makes us look absolutely flawless. Our staff cares a lot about what gets shipped out here.

When you buy a crate engine from our company, you always get a great price as well as a dependable warranty. The engine you are receiving is one that is custom built. It is a genuine Ford nameplate engine. There are too many knockoffs online. We can attest that fact. Buying a V8 from us will ensure that it arrives in time to complete your installation or swap. We work on our pricing to be certain that it is among the lowest, if not the lowest, currently on the Internet. This means no haggling or negotiating trying to get down to an acceptable price you can pay.

Mercury Marquis 4.6L Crate Engine Quotes

We’ve automated our engine prices. It really speeds up the engine quote procedures that we go through. You’re searching for our pricing and likely comparing us to a low price you’ve discovered. We don’t make you wait to find out we are always lower in price. Make use of 4.6L quote form here. It’s super easy. When you’ve reviewed the price we charge, you can then call (336) 355-5679. It’s fast and free.