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Northstar Crate Engines for Sale

Northstar Crate Engines for SaleNorthstar is a powerful V8 engine that was built for the Cadillac brand of General Motors cars. The large 4.6L displacement is one that is welcomed in many of the GM vehicles. Names like the Seville, Bonneville and DeVille are all synonymous with Northstar engines. These engines are in demand because they reach well over 300 horsepower. GM knows how to turn heads with engines and has done so since 1991 with its Northstar. You will find Northstar crate engines for sale in our huge crate inventory. We are dedicated to the GM brand and know how to please our customers. You don’t need to love a Cadillac to love the 4.6L engine.

We love big engines and know our customers do too. One of the best parts about buying a Northstar is the ease of engine installation. The motor is large but easy to drop in. There are many motors that are sold under the Chevrolet and Pontiac brands that are more difficult. Since the Northstar was built for luxury, its 300 hp is easy to achieve in less time than you believe. You can drop one of these in regardless if you are not a professional mechanic. GM made it easy on all people that purchase a 4.6L.

Northstar Crate Engines for Sale

With the production of the Northstar now over, you won’t have to struggle to get what you want from us. We have a regular supply of crate engines for sale. These engines come straight from our own engine shop. The dealers that we work with to get parts are all OEM GM dealers. This assures us that anything that is put onto the engine build is quality and not aftermarket. The 4.6L displacement makes this V8 engine really do wonderful things. We are not surprised of its reputation in the auto world. We like the reaction that we get when we ship one out to a customer and they call us. Getting a perfect condition and brand new Northstar can make anyone smile a little bigger.

We are the choice of many dealers. We don’t even have to spend money or time advertising. We built the largest crate inventory available anywhere online through our hard work and partnerships. It takes a lot of time, patience and money to get to the level we’re at now. V8 engines are not the only type we have in stock, but we are certainly partial to offering the engines that everyone loves. From our mechanics to our sales staff, we do great things for groups of great people every day. If you’re tired of getting the low price runaround, we can put a stop to that for you here.

Northstar Crate Engines for Sale Quotes

Getting and reviewing quotes is super simple always here. We built the quote form that you can get right on our website. It will tell you how cheap we sell a 4.6L engine for and what it will cost to send it to you. There are no price wars or gimmicks of any kind. The price we quote is the only price that you have to pay. Call us at (336) 355-5679. We’ll match you with the Northstar engine that will blow you away.