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Perkins 4-236T Diesel Engines for Sale

Most Perkins 4236’s diesel engines these days are usually found in marine applications and portable equipment such as generators and welders too. Technically speaking it is called the [T]4.236 engine. Regardless of what you use to identify the Perkins 4-236T Diesel Engines for sale, we can decipher it and supply you with a new remanufactured crate T4.236 engine.

What we have is a 4 cylinder 3.9 liter inline turbocharged diesel engine used for fixed installations like boats, where trolling and idling all day long is common when on the water. Obviously this is an important concern for many boat owners, ultimate reliability on the water. It is not a super powerful engine, it is designed to run at low speeds for extended periods of time.

The Perkins Model 4-236 engine featured a high-strength, cast-iron, cylinder block, which was cast with heavy-duty ribbing and a deep skirt that extended below the crankshaft center-line for additional strength. This block utilized cast-iron, dry-type cylinder liners that were pressed into the block. These liners were easily replaceable; the cylinder head was also cast-iron alloy with overhead valves. The inline motor featured direct injection of the fuel into the toroidal chamber in the piston crown to ensure faster starting and maximum fuel economy.

The unit’s crankshaft was made of forged chrome molybdenum steel, which was case-hardened and statically and dynamically balanced. Five main bearings were of the pre-fitted type, replaceable type-thin-walled, steel-backed and aluminum- and tin-lined. Silicon aluminum-alloy pistons were utilized for lighter weight, better strength, and higher heat distribution.

Three compression and two oil rings were utilized. The intake valves were constructed from high sili-chrome steel. On the exhaust side, the valves were stellite-faced for longevity. The engine used a high-strength, cast-iron, case-hardened, precision-ground camshaft. The timing gear was of the helical-gear type. The unit drove the camshaft and the fuel-injection pump.

The intake manifold was cast aluminum, with the exhaust manifold made of cast iron. The 4-236 utilized a rotary distributor injection pump. The pump provided what the company called “precision fuel delivery to each cylinder, with smooth performance covering idle to the full power range.” Automatic timing advance and retard functions ensured faster starting, acceleration, and, most importantly, quiet operation. All the injectors were accessible on the cylinder head for ease of service.

I’m very familiar with this engine, it’s all about running at low speeds day in and day out. Since most of these engines are in places that may not be convenient to service, replacing an engine like this demands the best in replacement equipment. Our customers only want the best for the products this motor operates. Reliability is a must.

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