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Plymouth EDZ 2.4L Crate Engines

Plymouth EDZ 2.4L Crate EnginesPlymouth engines are built by the Chrysler Group. You might hear the world Plymouth and not think about power but you’re probably missing the point. Plymouth vehicles use standard engines, but they make great replacements for passenger cars and sedans. Not every buyer of a crate engine is searching for a supped up horsepower machine. We sell to businesses all around the country that do Plymouth engine replacements. This also includes Plymouth vehicle owners that use us for swaps. We have an assortment of Plymouth EDZ 2.4L crate engines for sale at great prices. We serve warranties with every purchase too.

If you are not remotely familiar with the 2.4L engine, it may surprise you how this engine is produced. Chrysler developed this exclusively for the Neon in 1994. It is a single overhead cam engine that is rated for up to 150 horsepower. The 2.4 can have a turbocharger added to it to increase the overall horsepower. The 2.4L is a great engine and is in more demand that some people realize. You hear a lot about Ford and Chevrolet engines dominating the crate engine market. You don’t hear a lot a bout Chrysler or Dodge engines that are just as good in quality and in performance.

Plymouth EDZ 2.4L Crate Engines 

You know a little more now about the Chrysler based 2.4L engine. What we’ve yet to explain to you is our process of elimination here and just what we give you for the investment. We carry new and only new crate engines. We don’t try to pass off rebuilds or used engines as a crate one. We can’t speak for other dealers that do these activities. The only thing we can do is assure you 100 percent of the way we do business. Our team of crate engine buyers here help us secure excellent price deals on our engines. This includes the range of Plymouth motors that are now in stock inside of our packed company warehouse.

Our engines 4-cylinder and beyond are custom built. These are in fact OEM engines and nothing less. We double check all of the information sent along from our distributors before a sale takes place. The 150 horsepower is exact and every engine does come with an attached term of warranty coverage. Our team is expertly trained to support you. It does not matter where you contact us from. We give all of the necessary time that it takes to each customer before and after a sale happens. We’re a true engine company. We have a toll free number, huge warehouse and complete satisfaction guarantee.

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Getting a hold of our 2.4L engines is as easy as you inputting your basic info into our EDZ engine quote form. We work extremely fast and your quote is always distributed promptly. You never have to wait on us to tell you anything. If you do decide to call, you can do it on our toll free line at (336) 355-5679. We’ll pair you up with a price quote and help you get ready to receive a Plymouth 2.4L crate engine in just a couple of days.