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Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale

Pontiac Crate Engines for SalePontiac being one of the oldest car brands in history is no surprise that its crate engines are superior. Why do we sell Pontiac. There is a huge demand. That’s just one reason. Another reason is that these engines are the epitome of excellence in engine creation. The muscle car era might never have happened if not for cars like the GTO. The GTO and other cars were powered by Pontiac engines. You will find on our website from our engine inventory Pontiac crate engines for sale for good prices. You don’t need to break the bank to put together a project car.

What are your choices for a Pontiac engine? We’re glad you asked. Pontiac, well General Motors, made plenty of performance engines. It all started with the 287 engine in the early 1950s. The V8 configuration was needed to push the heavy steel construction of Pontiac cars. Next came the 316. It was a little bigger and featured a two-barrel carburetor. The 347 was next in line and soon came the 400. The development increased with the addition of the small-block engine style. Popular engines like the 350 were produced that went on to be put into the GTO and other Chevrolet cars.

Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale

What makes the engines we build so fantastic? We believe in superior quality. Every decision that gets made in our engine shop has the end result for customers in mind. We don’t do things just because we think it’s right. We put our decisions into the thought process of customers. We would love to tweak an engine and make it into something never seen before but we don’t. We follow the Pontiac and General Motors guidelines for engine building. The crate engines that go through our inventory are always genuine. We sell the real deal here. There are plenty of knock-offs on eBay. Some customers like to check there first and then make there way into a real seller’s inventory like what we offer. We never market engines. Our customer base is loyal and comes to use. It’s how we keep pricing low.

A pontiac engine with an extension of warranty is what you get here. The crate engines are new, crated properly and always ready for a fast install. We don’t put you through trials and tribulations when you want a new crate motor. The V8 power is always intact and preserved for you to take out on the road. We do engine testing but that’s all. Some dealers like to use customer engines as show pieces in their engine shop. We don’t do that either. The privacy of an engine is important and each customer makes his or her own bond with the engine. We like it that way.

Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale Pricing

A quote will get you started and get you closer to perfection. Use the Pontiac crate engine quote form we give you on this website. It’s super fast and really, really easy for you to use. It will provide you the lowest price we can give 24/7. If you find you want more help, you can call (336) 355-5679. We’re engine perfectionists and want to be sure that you are informed every step of the way from our company.