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Precision Remanufactured Crate Engine for Sale

Twenty some years ago, the idea of buying a completely assembled rebuilt engine to drop into your car or rod was not even a consideration. Pre-built engine assemblies were primarily for replacing a cooked motor in your car or truck, and were pretty much limited to factory specs. If you wanted a more powerful  motor, you built your own, or had it built by a custom engine shop.

Today, that is not the case. Crate engines for sale have become a viable replacement for a bad engine in the automotive industry, and they make sense for a variety of reasons, including affordability, reliability, and delivering the performance we say it has.

What are the advantages of buying a crate engine, as opposed to rebuilding your own engine? We see several advantages to buying a ”turnkey” crate engine, building proven value into said motor, performance expectations, cost, and reliability.
For instance Chrysler put a lot of money into their program to begin the new era. For instance, they decided to build a 380-horse 360ci engine, and they started assembling the right parts and strategies and testing them on an engine dyno until they achieved their goal. The same holds true for the rest of their engine program.

Your local speed shop, no matter how good they are, does not have the time, or the ability, to invest in the tools and research needed. Sure, they have got experience to know what works and what does not, but they may not have the actual hands on experience that is so valuable. There are a reasonable amount of 400-horse small blocks charging around town out on the streets these days, but have they been dyno tested, or is that the horsepower the rebuilder¬† ”said” their engine should make?
That is where trust comes in. We have been selling engines for a long time and have earned our trust, in fact this is where our customers send their friends. We know we are doing the engine replacement market right when customers refer our services so often. You can find out exactly why we are a leader in crate replacement engines, with pure value built right into them. Call Now.