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Mustang Crate Engine

Mustang Crate Engines | Rebuilt Mustang Motors

The popularity of the Ford Falcon planted the seed of innovation that put Ford on the muscle car map. Times were changing fast in the early 1960s and family automobiles were being shoved aside for the emerging teenage population created after Word War II. The year was 1964 and Ford had already been in production…

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Big Block Chevy Crate Engine

Lou stopped buy a few days ago. We are friendly, but not like we are bros. or anything. Possibly the best type of friendship, we don’t know enough about each other to get on our nerves, so it’s easy and friendly. Anyway he was looking for engine advise. His question had to do with purchasing…

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383 Stroker Crate Engine

A lot of people have no idea what a ‘stroker’ engine or motor is. A term not usually known by the non automotive nut. Stroker motors are generally custom built crate engines with special specifications for a blueprinted rebuilt engine. The 383 cubic inch is a common sized Chevy stroker motor. The way we increase…

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