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Selling Small Block Chevy Crate Engines for Less

Did you know our Crate Engines are remanufactured and assembled by trained technicians to precision factory specs and tolerances resulting in a better engine than came in your car? Selling Small Block Chevy Crate Engines for Less everyday has built up a good following. Read more, please. The finest name brand parts are used in…

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Ford Crate Engines for Sale

We get a surprising amount of calls for Ford Crate engines for Sale. I never would have imagined so many folks would be interested in the best and most affordable solution for engine replacement. After boning up a bit, I see exactly why. So here is a bit of info on the different Ford Crate…

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Mazda Tribute Engines for Sale

The Mazda Tribute is a CUV. CUV is an acronym for Crossover Utility Vehicle. A CUV is more of a passenger vehicle [on road] than an SUV. In reality the Tribute and Escape are a joint effort of Mazda and Ford, both debuted in 2001 in America. Basically both vehicles are identical except for nameplates…

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Acura Legend Engines

The Acura Legend was introduced to the US in 1986 as a sporty sedan or coupe, luxury vehicle. It was sold until 1995 when it went out of production. The first generation of Legends were made from 1986 to 1990 on the KA1-6 chassis. The second and last generation of Legend was produced from 1991…

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Why a Crate Engine For Sale?

Now it’s coming back to haunt you. The overheating episode that happened last summer when the engine practically melted down. Now decisions have to be made. You own a classic Mustang [or any car] and any old replacement engine won’t work. It has to be a special replacement motor. Something you may have heard about…

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