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Turbo Diesel Crate Engines For Sale

We now offer new Turbo Diesel crate engines for sale for marine, boat, commercial, auto and truck. These are brand new crate engines. Our replacement 6.5L diesel engine outperforms the GM 6.2L and 6.5L diesel engines (original motor) and guaranteed to be an exact match for your Chevy truck, GMC truck, and other factory applications.

Our 6.5 diesel engines are manufactured eliminating the most common reasons for failures and any weak links the original factory General Motors 6.5 diesel engines may have had. Certain areas such as cracks in the engine blocks, damaged crankshaft, cracks in the crankshaft journals, cracked cylinder heads, coolant in the oil, and several negligible complaints, but worthy of attention upon manufacturing.

Before I get to involved with pitching one particular brand of turbo diesel engine, it is important to mention that our inventory includes all turbocharged diesel engines. Regardless of what your vehicle is, meaning you may drive an over-road semi rig, or a commercial construction work truck, the point is we professionally handle engine swap issues from light to medium duty trucks [and SUV] and are well know for our acuity in big rig engines.

Big rig owners trust us to deliver the goods in short order, knowing the product is superior to our competitions. You can get the same fast and accurate service that the truckers get and find out why we are one of the most popular engine replacement companies in the world. We specialize in customer satisfaction. CrateEnginesForSale.com.