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Vortec 4200 Engine

Vortec 4200 EngineVortec 4200 is the secret code name for the 4.2L V6 engine. GM produced this engine in 2002. It is mostly used in the Chevy Trailblazer although some Oldsmobile models used it. This engine offers close to 300 horsepower. This is without modifications. There is a good reason this Vortec engine made best-selling engine lists. It gives raw power. We have the Vortec 4200 engine for sale right now. Our everyday low price is what you pay. We are not a one-time only discount company. The same low price you pay today will be here again tomorrow. We found this works great for businesses, individuals and project car builders.

The Vortec was designed in the mid 1980s as a new push-rod technology. Chevy mainstays like the S10 and the Cavalier were the first to get the green light to use this engine. As the Vortec technology was improved, bigger and badder engines were available. The 4200 is much larger and more powerful than that original I4 OHV design. This is just one of the many reasons that it is offered by us for sale. We are true to General Motors engines. What comes with each 4200 Vortec we sell is absolute excellence. A tested engine is a reliable engine. That’s exactly what we offer.

Vortec 4200 Engine with a Warranty

Did you know that some crate engine sellers refuse to offer warranties? You can tell a lot about a seller when you read the fine print. You can search on 20 or 30 crate engine websites and likely find 2 or 3 including us that offer warranties. The company that builds your engine should always take care of you. That’s what we try to do. We know doing an engine drop an then a Vortec 4200 engine swap takes time. You have no time for errors. Engines that are built by us always hold up. There is nothing that we sell that is not worthy of installation in any GM vehicle. A crate engine shipped by us is delivered in its own crate. It is free of damage and the potential for damage. That’s part of our promise of pleasing all customers.

Crate engines sold here at www.crateenginesforsale.com always come complete. You have the freedom to add anything you want to them. Do you want a turbo charger? It’s easy to install. Your installation will go smoothly. You have more time to spend doing what you love. You won’t have to wonder why what we sold you won’t fit. Everything fits just right. We follow the Vortec 4200 engine diagram during each build. We know just how GM does it. This is another key to our continued engine selling success online.

Vortec 4200 Engine Price Quotes

Can we have just 10 seconds of your time? Great. We put together the easiest quote form to use on the Internet. This is the very form that sends you our Vortec 4200 engine prices. Use it now. The form is always available from this website. This means we don’t limit your quotes. You can also call (336) 355-5679. It’s super easy. Get the low Vortec price you came here to get. Contact us now.